If you are here because you have a medical emergency, try to stay calm and remember to breathe. Go to http://www.talktofrank.com/emergency-help where you will find advice on what to do.

In this section you will find posts on what to do if you have serious concerns about either Yourself or Your child – to the extent that you may have panic attacks; or your concern has reached a stage where it is interfering with your daily life

There are also posts that deal with the issue of Violence in the home and the feeling of being Scared in your own house – which happens all too easily when a family is in the grip of Addiction.

So this section is pretty self-explanatory, but what I’m aiming to do in these pages is to provide an opportunity for you to feel grounded again, and to see things in a better perspective.

NB – at no point will I give medical advice. Consult your GP if this is what you need. And you will know if this is what you need.