Who can find help here at Letting the Light In?

The Letting the Light In site  is intended primarily to provide help for parents (and foster parents) who face Drug Addiction in their family. Your child may be a teenager or an adult ‘child’; he or she may be addicted to substances or alcohol. My goal is to provide help for you on this site – because I know how lonely a situation it is that you find yourself in right now. I’ve been there. I still am.

If you suspect that your child may be developing an addiction, I strongly encourage you to take a look at the articles here. If I could change one thing about my experience of addiction, I would have picked up what was happening to my son much sooner and taken action. So there is a section on the site where you can find advice on how to deal with teenage drug use – under Plan of Action/for Your Teenager. That section will be expanded as time goes by.

You may well also find help here if you have a spouse, partner, sibling or parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol; or if you face other addictions in the family such as gambling, eating disorders, exercise, work, shopping, the internet, sex and porn.

Whatever your situation, you’ve landed on this site either because you are worried enough to be seeking advice, or because your child is addicted and your life has become unmanageable.

I have tools and strategies here to bring order and peace back to your life. You’ll also gain an understanding of Addiction because unless you understand it – you’re not going to get off the starting block.

This site is a work in progress and I will be adding further posts as the months go by.

So now – let’s shed a little light on our collective problems. Let’s recover from the chaos.

Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in. (Leonard Cohen)

If I can help you through a dark day; if I can help you rise up and find some meaning in all of this – then together we can become part of something greater than our personal pain.

We can let the light in.

Walk with me.

Wishing you Serenity …

The One Who Listens.


All Artwork on this site is by the artist Jon Wealleans.