I’m the mother of a 28 year-old guy who is a drug addict. I decided to set up this website because I wanted to help other parents, relatives and friends of addicts.

For the past six years I’ve been on a journey of learning and discovery of how to deal with addiction in the family. Metaphorically speaking, it’s been like rowing the Atlantic – through treacle instead of water.

I’m a writer. I have two other adult children. I have two cats (when the kids were small we had five cats). I have an Oxford BA in History. I’ve always been able to marshal facts, see patterns in them, and repackage them. I’m not a very original thinker, but I am always searching out new ways of understanding our human existence. I don’t like hierarchies.

I love walking in Nature. I love theatre. Before all this I danced a lot of salsa and that music has the power to lift my spirits. I have wonderful girlfriends and possibly the best neighbours in the whole world who have all given us great support and always struck the right note. I am proud of my husband for walking this path with me. He is steadfast. Many would have given up.

I’ve been able to access, through our counsellor Sarah Graham, a quality and consistency of counselling that most people don’t find. Sarah is a staunch ally and believes 100% in our son and his recovery. Her skill, wisdom and humour have kept me going and are woven into the articles on this site.

Sarah has my profound gratitude – without her this website would not be here. She has taught me how to rebuild my life and now, through this website, I hope to give something back.