In all the ups and downs of our journey through living with Addiction and towards Serenity, it’s easy to overlook the progress we have made so far. You may have a bad day or a bad couple of weeks, which can make you lose faith that anything will improve. Then you forget how far you’ve come.

So I’m encouraging you to buy a Notebook and write down all the positive things that happen on your journey – with the date they happened.

It’s very important that you record only the positive things.

There’s power in writing things down. And in order to keep building your recovery, if you can record your achievements and good things that have happened, and the good feelings and emotions you’ve had, you will anchor your progress so far. That then becomes the foundation for making more progress.

It’s a great idea to express and record Gratitude in your Notebook. This affects the energy around you. Once you start listing the people, experiences and situations you’re grateful for, you may be surprised at what you have overlooked recently.

(BTW – you don’t have to pretend to like the shit that’s happened. I find it helpful, after some experiences, to write down that although I didn’t like them, I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from those experiences. Try it.)

I’m also a great believer in the power of focus. All the great self-help teachers agree on this – that where you put your focus is what you will experience more of. So it could make sense for you to follow my man Bing Crosby’s advice and…

Accentuate the positive – eliminate the negative. (See You Tube: )