Are you feeling overwhelmed and resentful, wondering how on earth you got into this situation where your son is manipulating you into giving him money for drugs? Or is he ruling the roost at home with his anti-social behaviour, staying up all night, using drugs in his room and verbally or physically abusing you?

Maybe you feel it’s time to persuade your daughter to seek help from a counsellor, or to go into re-hab?

When we reach this stage – it’s a tipping point. We may have enabled our child in his or her drug use until now because we didn’t know how to take firm action to stem the tide of addiction. But then one day we just know that we’ve all had enough and it’s time to do something about this mess we find ourselves in.

Then it’s time for some Tough Love. This is your chance to restore some order to your lives and to change the dynamics of the relationship between you and your addicted son or daughter. It may be tough to carry out, and it will be tough for your child. But trust me – it’s the only way to ensure that you stay sane and healthy yourself. And that is what gives your son the best chance of recovery.

Today, Wednesday 5th April at 8pm UK time, Sarah Graham, addictions expert, will take your questions on the subject of Tough Love. See the Events section on this site to find out how to join in this Q&A session.