photo by Jacqui Morley

Yes. It’s that you can, if you choose, grow spiritually.

If you’re reading this and you’re in the early stages of the grip of Addiction on your family, you’re probably thinking I’m off my head, or that I got religion.

My personal stance is that I don’t go for organised religion. But while we’re on the topic…

I’d be the first to say that everyone needs and is fully entitled to his/her own beliefs. So for those of you who find comfort in religion I totally respect your belief and your way of life. You’re ahead of the curve if you have a support system around you.

Many people who come to these pages may be atheists or agnostics – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your spirit, should you choose to do so.

There are many doorways into spirituality that you can walk through. I encourage you to experiment and explore in order to find what nourishes you, what gives you relief and respite from your cares.

But why spirituality? Why do we need it in our lives?

We need spirituality because we are more than just our bodies and minds.

Deepak Chopra talks of the ‘Silent Witness’ – the part of us that is always there, observing us in our daily life. I feel this ‘Silent Witness’ is part of the non-physical element in all of us. It’s part of our Spirit which is the essence of every single human being. If you choose to explore spirituality and nourish your Spirit, it becomes an unseen ally.

People who survive the most horrendous imprisonments and torture, people who rise up after suffering a terrible illness or physical impairment – they understand the power of keeping their Spirit alive. The Human Spirit can overcome physical and mental hardship, because it’s stronger.

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