photo by Jacqui Morley

When our lives have become so unmanageable that we can’t take any more, we reach a tipping-point. Finally, we are determined to do something about our situation with an addict in the family.

So you have come to this site looking for solutions – and above all, you want to know what on earth you can do about your situation.

So in this section of the Parent’s Journey I’ll give you a skeleton Plan of Action. This includes the basic concepts you need to grasp in order to make a start on improving your situation. Then I recommend that you work your way through the rest of the Parent’s Journey before moving on to the detailed plans which you can find in the main Plan of Action section on the Toolbar.

Sounds long-winded? Not really.

Overcoming the grip of Addiction on your family is a process, not an event, and it’s only fair that I warn you about that.

Are you wondering why I say that Addiction has a grip on your family? I bet you’re thinking: “Hang on I thought I was gonna get advice on how to deal with my daughter’s drug use. Now I’m being told that we’re all in the grip of Addiction”.

It’s complicated. If you read all the other posts in the Parent’s Journey section, you will gain an understanding of what this is all about.

You need to know what you’re up against. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.