Learning to set Boundaries is like setting up base camp on Everest. Boundaries help you to prepare for climbing the mountain ahead by assembling your equipment.

Without Boundaries you won’t get anywhere in grappling with the effect of Addiction on your family. If your experience is anything like mine, what you are facing right now is a fog of chaos. This ‘fog’ manifests itself in the state of your home and the state of your mind. Every time you try to reason with your son to persuade him to give up drugs, you go round and round in circles. People in the grip of addiction are very clever at arguing the hind leg off a donkey.

When we try and tackle the hold that drugs have got on our beloved child by using reason, we get nowhere. We begin to feel despair and helplessness.

Enter the superhero – Boundaries. Boundaries don’t take any shit (as long as you stick to them).

Boundaries provide structure. As you learn to use them, day by day, you will find the fog of chaos begins to lift. You will feel so much better in yourself – lighter and stronger.

No need for any more donkeys to lose their hind legs. You’re in charge. End of.

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